Christian Living


God is sufficient in every way. His sufficiency is unlimited, even as He works in manifold ways. With Him there is unlimited number ways to doing things and in Him, the expression – “shortage”, doesn’t exist. The man at the pool of Bethesda (John 15:1-15), who’s laid there for thirty-eight years was thinking like many… Continue reading UNLIMITED GOD

Christian Living


Sometime in the past, I went through a horrible breakup in my relationship. It was devastating and for a time, I got stuck in that moment. I couldn’t move on, I lacked the will and determination to. My intimacy with the Lord diminished because I was investing my emotions, time and thoughts into reminiscing about… Continue reading MOVING ON

Christian Living


it’s sometimes quite easy to forget how blessed you are when faced with everyday storms of life. The disciples of Jesus did the same when the storm arose. They became afraid and distracted. The sound of the raging sea took their attention away from Jesus and at that moment, they forgot to acknowledge the blessedness… Continue reading LIVING EACH DAY IN GRATITUDE