you are the perfect one through His lenses
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Your self-perception goes a long way into shaping the way your life turns out to be. There have been times in my life, when I dared reach higher than my mind said I was. I knew it was a good place to be, but I kept doubting my ability to function on a higher realm.… Continue reading GODS TESTIMONY OF YOU

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Your heart is the hidden centre of your spirituality and morality. It is the deepest part of your being which reflects the eternal nature of God by which we have been created. it is the Lords place of abode (Ephesians 3:17) “so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith.” It is only by… Continue reading RENEWING YOUR HEART

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Do you ever worry about how to go by each day? Or what destiny holds for you? it could be that you’ve been waiting for answers to prayers? Perhaps you are still trying to find yourself? Do you feel empty on the inside? Or that still think of lost and misplaced opportunities? Do you feel… Continue reading YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED?

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Your identity is who you are. It is the totality of what makes your being distinct and unique. As Christians, our identity is affixed in whom God is, as we are for-bearers of His seed. That is why the Bible in (Psalm 82:6) refers to us as gods, because not only are the characteristics of… Continue reading YOUR IDENTITY

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Sometime in the past, I went through a horrible breakup in my relationship. It was devastating and for a time, I got stuck in that moment. I couldn’t move on, I lacked the will and determination to. My intimacy with the Lord diminished because I was investing my emotions, time and thoughts into reminiscing about… Continue reading MOVING ON

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Do you know you are precious? God must’ve seen something in you that he decided to leave heaven, come down to earth and die for you while you were yet a sinner (John 3:19). The Lord has wonderfully and fearfully created you in his image and likeness, and this will never change. For someone out there,… Continue reading DISCOVERING THE GOLD IN YOU