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I was at a Bible Camp, organised by the international Christian Centre and The Lutheran Mission, at northern part of Denmark, Sjælland. I met a friend, who recited a very beautiful poem she'd written; it talks about the price paid for you and I on the cross, the gift of salvation and eternal intimacy with God,… Continue reading JESUS AND THE CROSS

Christian Living


Humility is when we in total surrender, yield ourselves to the spirit of God, so that He completely overshadows us. In that context, we decrease so that Christ is exalted in us. Humility is saying to God that you surrender your self-sufficiency, all the things that gives you self-value and worth. It is letting your… Continue reading THE CLOAK “HUMILITY”

Christian Living


Do you know you are precious? God must’ve seen something in you that he decided to leave heaven, come down to earth and die for you while you were yet a sinner (John 3:19). The Lord has wonderfully and fearfully created you in his image and likeness, and this will never change. For someone out there,… Continue reading DISCOVERING THE GOLD IN YOU