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What comes to your mind when you think of “joy?” Do you liken joy to just a mere feeling of ecstasy or pleasure derived only when pleasurable things occur? It runs deeper than that. It is the divine act of reverence to God, which stems from abiding in the love of Christ. In other words,… Continue reading JOY FULFILLED

Christian Living


Humility is when we in total surrender, yield ourselves to the spirit of God, so that He completely overshadows us. In that context, we decrease so that Christ is exalted in us. Humility is saying to God that you surrender your self-sufficiency, all the things that gives you self-value and worth. It is letting your… Continue reading THE CLOAK “HUMILITY”

Christian Living


Have you ever wondered how possible it is for a Christian to live a life of holiness as commanded by God (Lev 20:26) knowing fully well the nature of man is sinful and bringeth forth evil? Perhaps times without number, you have promised God to repent of those sins that easily beset you, but you… Continue reading LIVING A LIFE OF HOLINESS