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What comes to your mind when you think of “joy?” Do you liken joy to just a mere feeling of ecstasy or pleasure derived only when pleasurable things occur? It runs deeper than that. It is the divine act of reverence to God, which stems from abiding in the love of Christ. In other words,… Continue reading JOY FULFILLED

Christian Living


The life of a Christian isn’t a bed of roses; one without trials or temptations. The truth about it, is that being a Christian means being on a battle field. Why? Because the enemy, Satan the devil isn’t happy about all that God has for us, he isn’t happy that we received salvation, and he will always… Continue reading VICTORY IN CHRIST

Christian Living


God has created each one of us for His glory. That we, according to our different given abilities, should be vessels unto honour in His kingdom (2 timothy 2:20). Honesty is derived from the word “Honour” which as a verb means; to fulfil an obligation, to keep an agreement, or to regard with great respect.… Continue reading VESSELS UNTO HONOUR

Christian Living


  Obedience is when we completely put our trust in God, having confidence in His Supremacy. It is when we make God our priority in all situation and circumstances. This means putting God’s desires first, before ours. When we obey, we demonstrate our love, trust and loyalty to and for God. The Lord is very… Continue reading OBEDIENCE TO GOD

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I was at a Bible Camp, organised by the international Christian Centre and The Lutheran Mission, at northern part of Denmark, Sjælland. I met a friend, who recited a very beautiful poem she'd written; it talks about the price paid for you and I on the cross, the gift of salvation and eternal intimacy with God,… Continue reading JESUS AND THE CROSS

Christian Living


Humility is when we in total surrender, yield ourselves to the spirit of God, so that He completely overshadows us. In that context, we decrease so that Christ is exalted in us. Humility is saying to God that you surrender your self-sufficiency, all the things that gives you self-value and worth. It is letting your… Continue reading THE CLOAK “HUMILITY”

Christian Living


Sometime in the past, I went through a horrible breakup in my relationship. It was devastating and for a time, I got stuck in that moment. I couldn’t move on, I lacked the will and determination to. My intimacy with the Lord diminished because I was investing my emotions, time and thoughts into reminiscing about… Continue reading MOVING ON

Christian Living


Do you know you are precious? God must’ve seen something in you that he decided to leave heaven, come down to earth and die for you while you were yet a sinner (John 3:19). The Lord has wonderfully and fearfully created you in his image and likeness, and this will never change. For someone out there,… Continue reading DISCOVERING THE GOLD IN YOU

Christian Living


it’s sometimes quite easy to forget how blessed you are when faced with everyday storms of life. The disciples of Jesus did the same when the storm arose. They became afraid and distracted. The sound of the raging sea took their attention away from Jesus and at that moment, they forgot to acknowledge the blessedness… Continue reading LIVING EACH DAY IN GRATITUDE

Christian Living


In the times of old, during the time of Moses and the prophets of old, the Lord spoke very audibly both in a still and loud voice. Can you recall the story in the Bible, when the Lord spoke to the Israelites from mount Horeb? The mountain shook and all even Moses was afraid of… Continue reading HEARING THE VOICE OF GOD