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Your identity is who you are. It is the totality of what makes your being distinct and unique. As Christians, our identity is affined in whom God is, as we are forbearers of His seed. That is why the Bible in (Psalm 82:6) refers to us as gods, because not only are the characteristics of… Continue reading YOUR IDENTITY

Christian Living


I was going through my morning devotionals, “The UCB Word for Today”, and I came across a topic that really touched my heart and brought order to my daily life. I’d like to share the Topic of peace with you. Peace is the state of calmness, freedom and tranquillity we receive by constantly dwelling in… Continue reading PEACE

Christian Living


It’s a beautiful thing to call someone a friend, or to have someone call you friend. But who then is a friend? There are many definitions but this one strikes the most:  A person with whom one has a mutual bond of affection or personal regard. The friendship bond is so strong that true friends… Continue reading FRIENDSHIP

Christian Living


It is the will of our heavenly Father that we abound in His goodness all the days of our lives!! (Genesis 1:28). And He has in a lot of scriptural references demonstrated His care and goodwill for His Children through His acts of lovingkindness, deliverance, mercy, grace, forgiveness and a lot more. The good news is,… Continue reading GOD IS ABOUT TO MAKE YOU SMILE

Christian Living


The way of the wise is the way of wisdom, and the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. In other words, we can say a wise man is a man that fears the Lord (proverbs 9:10). Now, there are two kinds of fear; a fear that stems out of love, reverence and honour… Continue reading THE WAY OF THE WISE

Christian Living


What comes to your mind when you think of “joy?” Do you liken joy to just a mere feeling of ecstasy or pleasure derived only when pleasurable things occur? It runs deeper than that. It is the divine act of reverence to God, which stems from abiding in the love of Christ. In other words,… Continue reading JOY FULFILLED

Christian Living


The life of a Christian isn’t a bed of roses; one without trials or temptations. The truth about it, is that being a Christian means being on a battle field. Why? Because the enemy, Satan the devil isn’t happy about all that God has for us, he isn’t happy that we received salvation, and he will always… Continue reading VICTORY IN CHRIST

Christian Living


God has created each one of us for His glory. That we, according to our different given abilities, should be vessels unto honour in His kingdom (2 timothy 2:20). Honesty is derived from the word “Honour” which as a verb means; to fulfil an obligation, to keep an agreement, or to regard with great respect.… Continue reading VESSELS UNTO HONOUR

Christian Living


  Obedience is when we completely put our trust in God, having confidence in His Supremacy. It is when we make God our priority in all situation and circumstances. This means putting God’s desires first, before ours. When we obey, we demonstrate our love, trust and loyalty to and for God. The Lord is very… Continue reading OBEDIENCE TO GOD

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I was at a Bible Camp, organised by the international Christian Centre and The Lutheran Mission, at northern part of Denmark, Sjælland. I met a friend, who recited a very beautiful poem she'd written; it talks about the price paid for you and I on the cross, the gift of salvation and eternal intimacy with God,… Continue reading JESUS AND THE CROSS